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After 11 years of faithful service and 577.000 clicks my X-Pro1 has turned into a brick. It had been acting up for the last two years (specially during wintertime), but last week I broke its back, in the middle of a series of panoramas. As someone commented in the FujifilmContinue readingCamera

The Barn Crew (2020)

At the end of 2020 a group of friends (and Milo in tow) came together for a much needed reunion. A tiny house called The Blues Barn, a fire place, an outdoor tub, beers, a guitar, board games, lots of reminiscing and projecting the future. 

Jan (2022)

An impromptu man-at-work portrait series of Jan. Jan retired long ago, he is well into his 80’s, but he always wants to keep busy. Just at an easier pace. Which means he still contributes to the caretaking of our fort-office premises.