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We Come, We See, We Go

My father passed away in August. This Christmas our family gathered in Stavoren, Friesland to enjoy the holidays.

My mother chose that weekend to also bid a last goodbye to dad, scattering his ashes in the IJsselmeer lake.

The morning started as one would wish for; a half-blocked sunrise churning out a pinkish haze over the dark, blue-grey water.

Walking down the levy together, the wind and sun made it ok. More than ok. Nature’s duality: beautiful and harsh, chilling and warming. Thinking of dad, what he meant to us and what he gave to the world he built around him in those 81 years.

Maybe life is just a dream. And then we wake up again. I hope.

Maybe life is a warm embrace
from someone safe
Maybe life's just a memory
We come, we see, we go

Herman Eddy Peter, 1941 – 2022

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