CPH SKATE (2011)




  • A Frisian Wedding

    At Christmas 2022 my brother & sister-in-law-to-be asked me to shoot their wedding on June 23 2023. A big deal, of course, that responsibility to deliver the goods and it would mean forgoing on being ‘a guest’. I thought about it and a few weeks later I accepted. The location for both the ceremony and…

  • Camera

    After 11 years of faithful service and 577.000 clicks my X-Pro1 has turned into a brick. It had been acting up for the last two years (specially during wintertime), but last week I broke its back, in the middle of a series of panoramas. As someone commented in the Fujifilm X100 User Group on FB:…

  • CPH SKATE (2011)

    I was going through my archived negatives today and happened upon a project I had almost completely forgotten about. Not that it wasn’t interesting, but well over a decade is enough to fade out plenty of memories. Recap: in my Amsterdamize days of traveling the world and fulfilling my duties as an ambassador of cycling,…

  • The Monkey Tree (1964)

    My mother was born in 1948 in Vlissingen, which is located on the former island, now peninsula (since 1871) of Walcheren in the province of Zeeland. One of the things that Walcheren is known for and has inspired painters (such as Mondriaan) and writers in the 19th and 20th century in the (now) nature reserve…

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