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Jam Session (2018)

Who doesn’t love music? And which photographer doesn’t like to capture musicians at work? Well, I do. Bonus: I prefer dynamic (read: changing) lighting conditions and I’ve dabbled in piano chords since my 7th summer myself.

In 2018/19 I was one of the in-house (voluntary) photographers of the modest, but very active music temple De Peppel in Zeist. A great way to connect with all types of music, the local scene and capture lesser and better known musicians from other parts of the country and the continent. Over the course of one year I shot three concerts (more on that in later posts), which was great, because it also allowed me to document some behind-the-scenes moments, in the same style I shoot my street photography…it took my fellow Peppel-volunteers and management a moment or two to get used to that :).

Anyway, every month De Peppel opened its doors for an open mic evening, the Jam Session.

I was there, too, and I enjoyed capturing it as much as I did the concerts.

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