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After 11 years of faithful service and 577.000 clicks my X-Pro1 has turned into a brick. It had been acting up for the last two years (specially during wintertime), but last week I broke its back, in the middle of a series of panoramas. As someone commented in the FujifilmContinue readingCamera

The Barn Crew (2020)

At the end of 2020 a group of friends (and Milo in tow) came together for a much needed reunion. A tiny house called The Blues Barn, a fire place, an outdoor tub, beers, a guitar, board games, lots of reminiscing and projecting the future. 


Having just revitalized this space, it’s only fitting to go ‘old school’ and announce the arrival of a blogging area.  Well, look below and the connaisseur will recognise the trusty ol’ 5D Mk1. Which serves as a small hint: it’s very unlikely that the upcoming stories will be chronological. Hopefully I seeContinue readingUpcoming