CPH SKATE (2011)




  • Edinburgh in Kodachrome (2020)

    Woke up in Edinburgh on February 1, 2020, Brexit had just gone into effect, lots of referendum related news buzzing and the only day off for what was to be a 3 days work stint. I made the most of it. I figured some Kodachrome (35) flavour would work well with the wet- and darkness […]

  • Exa & Adox in AMS (2017)

    I moved out of Amsterdam in the fall of 2014, but its streets lured me back regularly. 2017 was the year I rekindled my love for analog photography. I didn’t buy any gear at first, but asked my dad where he had put all his old cameras. Sure enough, there it was, his very first […]

  • BQE (2011)

    Oh, the summer of 2008. Memorable for many reasons, one of them being that I had started a photography project, a decision that would change my life forever. Before that realisation came to be, my main motivation was to unwind and deflate from an absolutely crazy (and disastrous) year. The topic was easy, one that […]

  • The Barn Crew (2020)

    At the end of 2020 a group of friends (and Milo in tow) came together for a much needed reunion. A tiny house called The Blues Barn, a fire place, an outdoor tub, beers, a guitar, board games, lots of reminiscing and projecting the future. 

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